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Pay close attention to the depth levels of the urls. 3. External linking strategy: -Avoid being linked to penalized domains and no matter how good the domain is, if it is linking you at a huge level of depth, in the end it can be harmful. -Be careful with shared and temporary articles and also with contradictions such as sponsored links and follow. 4. Internal linking strategy: -Above all, maintain coherence and a good content structure between the links (we emphasize again the importance of the concept of “entity” in the link. He also offered us some advice on linking, such as: not going too fast, how it is possible that a "good" domain can provide us.

with a poor quality link and vice versa. The fewer links from the same domain, the better, optimizing links with title, etc. The SEO Migration Iñaki Huerta explained to us the steps to take before a web migration, how we can lose a lot of traffic without the necessary foresight. Arturo conveyed to us Job Function Email List his great experience in web migrations and the importance of conveying to the client that a migration always carries a risk and a possible drop in searches, which if we implement the necessary measures, can be recovered. SEO in 2020 Finally, Fernando.

Muñoz wondered about the future of SEO in 2020. The talk began with a look back, Fernando shared numerous statements by SEO experts who, from 1997 to the present, have been predicting the death of SEO. The last two years have seen numerous changes in Google's algorithm. The question is, are we going to be able to offer our clients a knowledge of the algorithm like the one we had until now? Fernando displayed his sense of humor as always.